Wilkerson Farms is happy to offer a Farm Direct source for All Natural Angus Beef.  We are located in Willow Springs, NC; 15 miles south of Raleigh in Southern Wake County.       

Our Beef is pasture raised with free access to grass, hay and fresh water.  Prior to processing, grain is given as a finishing ration.  The addition of grain provides the taste, texture and marbling most consumers have come to expect.  Our Beef is all natural. It contains none of the following:  antibiotics, added growth hormones, steroids or implants.  No animal derived protein, bone meal or poultry litter is included in any feed.  Just All Natural Beef!

Our Beef is dry aged for superior flavor and tenderness.  We normally specify a 14 day hang time before trimming.  While this is more time consuming, we think it’s worth it.  You can taste the difference!  All our Beef is USDA inspected, vacuum sealed and labeled.  No artificial flavoring, coloring ingredients, chemicals, or any other additives or preservatives are added to our Beef.

We are committed to quality.  Throughout the entire process, Wilkerson Farms works hard to ensure that every aspect of our production is directed towards producing quality beef.  Humane handling practices make for happy cows and better BEEF!  

We welcome you to try Wilkerson Farms All Natural Beef.  For ordering information please see the Packages and Cuts page.  We look forward to being your local source for All Natural Beef!